New Paper from the Pearring/Arshavsky Labs

In our recent manuscript, ”The GARP Domain of the Rod CNG Channel’s β1-subunit Contains Distinct Sites for Outer Segment Targeting and Connecting to the Photoreceptor Disc Rim” published in the Journal of Neuroscience we found that outer segment delivery of the CNG channel utilizes the conventional secretory pathway, requires pre-assembly of its α1 and β1 subunits, and CNG channel sorting into the plasma membrane of the outer segment occurs independently of its initial targeting, which we showed is encoded by a glutamic acid-rich region on the N-terminus of CNGβ1. We also identified a proline-rich region of CNGβ1, adjacent to its targeting region, that connects the CNG channel to photoreceptor disc rims, likely through an interaction with peripherin-2. These findings reveal fine functional specializations within the structural domains of the CNG channel and help expand our understanding of how neurons populate their critical functional compartments.

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