Primary Investigator                               Lab Address

Jillian Pearring, PhD                                                         1000 Wall St. Room 7418

Ophthalmology & Visual Science                                   Kellogg Eye Center

Cell & Developmental Biology                                        The University of Michigan                                                        Ann Arbor, MI 48105

734.232.8190                                                                    734.615.9619

Interested in Joining the Lab?

The Pearring Lab is seeking trainees at all levels to lead projects on membrane trafficking, nuclear migration, and ciliogenesis in retinal photoreceptor cells. Trainees will master a wide variety of techniques and traverse many disciplines including vision science, mammalian genetics, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, cell biology, and neurobiology.

Graduate Students

Perspective graduate students can rotate in the lab after admission to either the Program in Biomedical Sciences or the Neuroscience Graduate Program. If you are interested in the lab before or after admission, please email me.

Our lab uses many different approaches, from molecular and biochemical to in vivo live imaging, so students will learn a variety of techniques in the lab.


Postdoctoral candidates should email me their CV and a cover letter summarizing their graduate work and describing their future interests, especially those related to current or potential projects in the lab. 

Please be sure to also include the names of three references.

Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate students are welcomed to apply by e-mailing me directly. Students interested in gaining research experience should ideally join the lab no later than their sophomore year; however, all candidates will be considered.

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